Why You Should Keep Your Air Conditioner On All Year Round When You Live In The Southern U.S.

19 February 2015
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Although the Southern United States rarely see snow, they still get cold temperatures at night during the typical winter months. The natural urge to turn off the air conditioner and turn on the heat, or flip back and forth between the two, actually causes an increase in air conditioning repair bills. Here are the reasons why you should just leave your air conditioner on all the time when you live in the Southern half of the country.

Energy Efficiency Is Reason Number One

Your air conditioner, as well as your furnace, have to exert added effort to go from off to full blast. That added effort is increased energy and wasted efficiency. When you keep one or the other on all year round, the energy efficiency rating rises because your a/c or your furnace do not constantly have to reignite to warm or cool on your command.

Decreased Probability for Repairs Is Reason Number Two

Think about it. If you turn an appliance on and off, on and off and force one to work against another, e.g., the heat from the furnace against the cold of the air conditioner, eventually one or both appliances will break. Forcing the rapid rise and fall in temperature in your home causes both the furnace and the air conditioner to work harder, wearing out the condenser in the air conditioner and the heat pump in the furnace sooner than they should wear out. Since you live in a Southern state, pick one that provides you with the most comfortable environment and just have that on 24/7.

Choosing Which Temperature Control Appliance to Keep On

Because your home state is much warmer most of the year than states farther to the north of you, the furnace is not that necessary. If you are concerned about your home getting too cool at night, you can:

  • turn up the temperature so that the air conditioner does not kick in at night.
  • put more blankets on the bed or use electrical heating blankets.
  • close the vents in your home so that the conditioned air does not continue to cool the house at night.

Additionally, choosing to keep your air conditioning on all year round means that the air in your home will consistently have the right humidity level, something which is very important to people who have asthma or experience frequent nose bleeds. You will spend less time hiring HVAC contractors for air conditioning repairs and far less time in doctors' offices trying to figure out how to get the right environmental temperature and moisture balance in your home.

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