5 Modern Features To Look For When Replacing A Window AC Unit

26 February 2015
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A window-mounted air conditioner can be an especially appealing feature in any room due to the cool air it can provide during the warmer months of the year and their ease of use. If your air conditioning unit doesn't perform as well as it used to or is broken, you'll want to make sure to look for a new unit before it starts to heat up outside. Looking for the following modern features while shopping can help ensure that you'll be entirely happy with your new purchase:

1. Remote Control

It can be bothersome to walk over to your air conditioning unit each time you want to adjust the temperature, making a remote control a fantastic addition. Many modern AC units already include a remote control, allowing you to make any adjustments from across the room.

2. Option for Fan-Only

While a window-mounted air conditioner is already an affordable alternative to central air, it can get expensive to keep it running all day and night. To reduce costs, look for a window-mounted AC unit that can be set to fan-only. This reduces the amount of energy the unit consumes and still keeps the air circulated in the room.

3. Replace Filter Light

Keeping the air conditioning unit running at its best requires you to replace the filter regularly, but it can be difficult to stay on schedule with the replacements. A great feature that many modern units offer nowadays is a light that turns on when it's time to replace the filter.

4. Programmable Timer

If you like your air conditioning unit to only be used during the hottest part of the day, it's a good idea to look for a unit with a programmable timer. By having a timer that controls when the unit turns on and off, you'll happily be able to save money and have a comfortable home.

5. Digital Control Panel

Manual buttons and switches are common on older air conditioning units, but many people find them clunky or easy to break. Digital control panels are becoming increasingly popular, making them a modern feature to look for due to the precision they offer and stylish appearance.

Replacing an older window air conditioning unit can be so helpful before the heat of summer arrives, but it's important to know what to look for before beginning to shop. With the above modern features in mind, you can have an easier time finding AC units that are easy to use and will reduce your energy usage.