Worried About Your Elderly Parent Alone In Their House? Keep Them Safe And Prepare For The Worst

14 April 2016
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Does your aging parent live alone in a very old home, and you worry about their well-being? If so, there are some things you want to consider to update their home, so you can feel confident they will be safe. You don't want your parent's home to become a target for crime because others know that they live alone, and you don't want them to become a victim of the weather. Here are a few things to consider to improve their home.

Home Security System

A home security system isn't just going to keep your elderly parent safer, but it also keeps you informed about what is going on. Have a home security company install a system that you can monitor from your smart phone. The system should alert the authorities if someone forces entry, if there is a fire detected, or if gas is a problem. You may also be able to control the thermostat of their house from your phone if the thermostat is also linked with the system.

Central Air Conditioning

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat related deaths are a problem for many elderly people annually, and you don't want to worry that your parent can't beat the heat.  Have a central air conditioning unit installed if they don't already have one. If they have one that is a decade old or older, it's time to make the upgrade to an Energy Star model that will be efficient for them to run. This way they can stay cool on the hottest of nights, and you don't have to worry about an older unit breaking down or needing repairs.

Backup Generator

If your parent loses power and you don't know about it, they could be without heat, light, air conditioning and more. Purchase a generator that can power at least the appliances and some lighting if the power goes out, so they don't end up in danger if they can't reach you right away. You also don't have to worry about them waking up to a freezing or hot house.

These are just a few of the ways that you can help keep your parent safe and eliminate potential dangers when they live alone and you aren't able to check on them every day. Talk with your parent about making these different changes to your home, and talk with the home security expert to see if you can control the security, central air and backup generator from your phone.