Ductwork Zone Dampers And Their Effect On Air Conditioner Performance

27 July 2016
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Ductwork zone dampers usually regulate the amount of air that flows into a given air conditioned they space. They are usually used in situations where a building relies on a single air conditioning system to cool different rooms. Essentially, if an area gets too much air conditioned air, the zone dampers in that space will be closed so as to allow some of cool air to flow to other rooms that may not get as much air as they should.

Ductwork zone dampers and balanced air conditioning

Some buildings have duct systems of different lengths. The difference in duct length sometimes favors some rooms over others as far as supply of air conditioned air is concerned. This can sometimes lead to some rooms being more comfortable than others.

To make for balanced air conditioning, ductwork zone dampers are used. Slightly closing the dampers in ducts leading to areas that are overfed with cool air will reduce the amount of airflow to the space while also giving a chance for the rooms that are at an airflow disadvantage to get a fair share of cool air. This will lead to balanced air conditioning that goes a long way to make the whole building as comfortable as possible.

Ductwork zone dampers and reduced energy costs

In a building with multiple rooms, there are times when only parts of a building are occupied. If the whole building is on one air conditioning system, the air conditioner may have to cool the entire building in order to make the occupied spaces comfortable. In the process, the system ends up using energy to cool areas that no one is using. This is an inefficient use of energy.

Having zone dampers installed in the air ducts of an air conditioning system usually makes it possible for the system to use energy more efficiently. This is because you can close the zone dampers in ducts supplying the unoccupied rooms. Doing so will force all the cooled air produced by your air conditioner to flow into the occupied spaces. Getting the room temperature in these spaces will take a shorter time simply because of a reduction in the volume of the space that the system has to handle. It will also be cheaper and may even end up increasing the lifespan of your air conditioning system – because your air conditioner will no longer need to work as long and as hard all the time.

Zone dampers are great when it comes to improving air conditioning efficiency in a building with multiple rooms. Installing them in your building is something that you should definitely consider. Contact a company like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information about this feature.