Do These Checks To Keep Your Walk-In Refrigerator Working

24 August 2016
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Keeping the commercial refrigerator, or walk-in refrigerator, functioning properly inside your restaurant is critical. Without the ability to keep the fridge cold, food could rot and become unusable. You would have to repurchase food and miss out on all the customer sales you would have made. Therefore, it's a good idea to check your walk-in and do everything you can to keep it working well.

Keep Fans and Vents Visible

An active, bustling kitchen can mean that things are overlooked sometimes. Fans and vents that your walk-in needs for adequate air circulation can end up getting blocked by equipment, boxes, and any number of things. Do an eye-check throughout the day to keep those vents and fans clear so the walk-in fridge is not impeded.

Feel for Faulty Gaskets

If the walk-in feels warmer than usual, you may suspect a problem. This might be the case; the rubber seals, or gaskets, that run along the edges of the refrigerator could be torn or worn down. Without proper sealing, warm air can get in and cool air can escape. That can put food at a warmer temperature than it should be, which can create a problem. Make a point of taking the time to feel along the edges of the walk-in doors every few days to see if you sense any cool air seeping out. If so, you'll need a pro to replace the gaskets.

Re-evaluate Appliance Placement

As you need new appliances, you might move everything around in the kitchen to ensure that everything fits and that people can still get around comfortably. This can lead to thoughtless placement of certain appliances. For example, if you've got two constantly-used ovens fired up and working right next to your walk-in, every time that walk-in door opens, its motor needs to exert a lot more effort to keep the space cool. Not only will this mean more costly electric bills for you, but that extra exertion may wear the motor out more quickly.

To prevent that, periodically re-evaluate the placement of different appliances and think about how you might be able to best protect the walk-in by keeping heat-generating appliances away from it.

Being mindful of the different tasks in this article can prolong the life of your walk-in. Have an HVAC contractor, such as those found at Betlyn Paul J Company, look at the refrigerator on a regular basis to ensure it does its job without a problem.