Keep Your Employees Productive With Commercial Air Conditioning That Works

2 May 2019
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If you run a large office, the comfort of your employees is going to impact your overall profit. When you want to keep your employees productive, you have to be sure that the environment is comfortable and conducive to working. An office that gets too hot and stuffy will make everyone feel tired and ready to go home for the day. If it's too cold in the office, employees are going to be spending the day trying to warm up. A good office temperature to promote productivity is between 70 and 77 degrees, while the perfect temperature has been assessed at 71 degrees. To keep the temperature optimal, you have to be able to rely on your commercial air conditioning.

Don't Allow Access to the Thermostat

A big problem with temperature fluctuations in your office is when too many people have access to the thermostat. You may have a commercial air conditioning system that is perfectly efficient, yet you have temperature extremes throughout the day because people are touching the thermostat. Use a programmable thermostat and use a lockbox to surround the thermostat. A manager or maintenance person should have key access, but no one else.

Get Routine Maintenance

Depending on how large your commercial air conditioning system is, you will need to have regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it in good working order. Your filters should be changed once a month, and your system should be inspected for any problems. Air ducts should be cleaned, and the temperature in various areas should be checked for consistency.

Know When to Call for a Repair

If you can't get the temperature in your office cool enough, it's time to figure out what is wrong. With low refrigerant levels in your system, it won't be able to get the temperature down enough to be comfortable. When condenser coils are icing up, you may need to have the fan replaced to move air effectively. If you hear your system turning on and off frequently or it is tripping circuit breakers, you have some type of mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. Whenever your system isn't working as it should, a quick call to your contractor is in order.

When you want to keep your business running strong, the productivity of your employees is essential. Give them the work environment they need to succeed, and you will have employees that work hard for you.