Why Isn't Your Home Heating? 4 Troubleshooting Tips

5 November 2019
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If your home isn't heating properly, you're going to spend a big chunk of your winter at home covered in blankets. This can make your home feel less comfortable rather than warm and cozy. If your home isn't warm, it's most likely an issue with your HVAC system. If you're experiencing a problem, you'll want to get it taken care of immediately. Read on for a few troubleshooting tips to repair your furnace yourself.

1. Open Your Vents

Be sure that all of your vents are open in every room of your home. If your vents aren't open it can cause a problem with the flow of air and circulation around your home. Just because you have rooms that aren't being used doesn't mean you should close those vents. Keep all of the vents open around your home, including the air return vents around your home as well. 

2. Adjust The Thermostat

Make adjustments to your thermostat. If the weather outside is getting colder, your thermostat is going to need to reflect that change. Try turning up the heat a bit to see if that helps. If adjusting the heat doesn't help anything or it isn't getting any warmer in your home, the thermostat is most likely not the issue. Be sure the furnace is at least turning on with the adjustments in temperature change.

3. Install A New Air Filter

Install a new air filter and toss the old one if it's full of dust and debris. This can also cause a problem with the flow of air in your home and to your HVAC system. When this happens, you will have a problem with not just your home being heated properly, but your system could breakdown altogether. Your furnace may shut down and need to have the air filter replaced, your system cleaned and need to hit the reset button on your system in order to get it working again.

4. Remove Anything Blocking Vents

If you have anything blocking your air vents, it will cause an issue with the flow of air throughout your home. Be sure the vents around your home are free of anything that could block the airflow. Furniture, curtains, toys, or anything else that is covering or blocking these vents is going to cause a problem. Leave at least a foot of space for these vents to supply air to each room of your home.

If your furnace isn't heating your home properly you're going to be bundled up this winter inside your home as well as outside. Contact a professional HVAC repairman for help troubleshooting and repairing the problem if you aren't able to figure it out on your own.

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