Three Ways To Heat Your Home (Without A Furnace)

8 December 2020
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You may have had the unfortunate experience of turning on your furnace, only to find out that it's not working. If that's the case, then you most likely have already scheduled a furnace replacement to be installed soon, but in case you haven't, here are a few more ways to provide residential heating that are worth considering. If there are any questions, contact your local HVAC company to schedule an appointment.


Although not nearly as en vogue as they were 100 years ago, boilers still provide a great way to heat your home and provide a unique aesthetic that many homeowners crave. Radiant heating — called such because it doesn't blow hot air directly into your home — is seen by many people as more comfortable than a furnace anyways, so even if it's not as energy efficient as other forms of heating, it still provides a number of advantages. The one major downside to a boiler is that it usually requires long pipes to snake throughout your home, which gives a more industrial look that is common in older apartment buildings and office complexes. If that's your style, you should absolutely look into replacing your furnace with a boiler.


Although heating your home using the energy from the earth is nothing new, geothermal energy has managed to do it in a way that is remarkably energy efficient and extremely durable at the same time. Using pipes that snake through the ground to heat your home in the winter, geothermal heat pumps also allow you to replace your air conditioner, since the same system can be used to cool your home in the summertime. Given the fact that these systems usually last for 20 or more years and require a fraction of the energy of a normal furnace, this is one system that you can rely on for a long period of time.


If you don't need to heat a large area, then a ductless mini split may be the way to go. Ever since the pandemic started, many people have resorted to converting their garage into a home office or have built detached sheds in their backyard for various purposes. In the wintertime, you'll need a way to heat those spaces, and a ductless mini split can be installed directly into the wall and heat the air directly from the outside and pump it into your room. If you already have a furnace and are not looking to necessarily replace it, a ductless mini split can be integrated into your existing system with ease, providing you the heat that you need to get your work done.