3 Warning Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Urgent Professional Repair And Maintenance

21 January 2021
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Few homeowners pause to consider whether their air conditioner is giving them optimum service. Typically, people think about their AC when it stops working or when its efficiency is noticeably poor. Sadly, by the time this happens, the unit may have suffered extensive damage that may cost a lot of money to repair. Hiring the right HVAC specialist to repair your defective AC will boost its efficiency. You shouldn't wait until your AC breaks down completely to hire a repair expert. 

Once you see the following warning signs, you should hire an experienced air conditioning repair and maintenance expert.

The Presence of Moisture Near the System

The first sign of trouble with an AC unit is the presence of moisture near the unit. The moisture could result from something simple such as a blockage in the drain tube. If the problem is a blocked drain tube, you should have it unblocked immediately to protect your unit from becoming a breeding ground for mold.

However, more serious problems can lead to the presence of moisture around your unit. For example, refrigerant leakage is a serious cause of problems. Only a professional can check the cooling part of your AC to determine whether there is a system weakness causing refrigerant leakage. They will repair the leak and refill the refrigerant so that your unit can resume its function.

Odd Sounds Coming From the Unit

Over the years, there are those sounds you have grown accustomed to from your air conditioner. A functional AC operates with a soft hum that should not distract you as you go about your activities. However, if your unit is making banging, clanking, clicking, and buzzing noises, something is broken. For example, an air conditioner buzzes when it has loose internal parts, such as the fan blades. 

Air conditioning repair professionals can open the unit and tighten or replace the worn and loose parts so that your unit can resume its quiet operation.

Blowing Hot Air

The third indicator that your AC has broken parts is when it starts blowing hot air. Typically, warm air from the house enters the unit, and the refrigerant cools it down. If the air is coming out hot, the compressor is broken, or the refrigerant levels have gone down. This problem requires immediate professional attention. 

Call the repair technician to check the condition of the compressor. If it is broken, they will replace it to restore your unit's function.

The quality of the repair your AC system gets will depend on the qualifications of the air conditioner repair expert. Choose a competent one to help you increase your unit's life and efficiency. Contact a company that provides air conditioning repair services to learn more.