3 Reason To Consider Furnace Replacement This Fall

22 February 2021
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As fall is the perfect time to execute a long-awaited furnace replacement project. Fall is a suitable time for this because the weather is less likely to be extreme. Contact HVAC contractors to assess your home's HVAC needs so you can purchase a furnace that's a perfect fit.

HVAC contractors are likely to recommend a furnace replacement if your HVAC racks up high electricity bills. An old furnace consumes more energy because its efficiency has deteriorated over the years. You're better off purchasing a new furnace than dealing with frequent heating problems. Here are 3 reasons to consider furnace replacement this fall. 

1. Your Furnace Is Older than 20 Years

If you have a natural gas or oil furnace, that's more than 20 years old; it's definitely a candidate for furnace replacement. These furnaces are supposed to last 15 to 20 years and using them for longer only results in sky-high utility bills.

When you replace an old model, your HVAC consumes less energy to keep your indoor environment comfortable. If you're not sure how long you have had your furnace, contact the manufacture with the model number so they can find out for you. Alternatively, check with the owner's manual, if you still have it. The date of purchase is likely indicated in there somewhere. 

2. Your Furnace Is Racking up High Utility Bills 

If you don't have a reasonable explanation for your high utility bills, it's likely that your HVAC system is consuming more energy than usual. This is indicative of a furnace that's struggling to maintain peak performance. 

Older furnaces waste energy because they're no longer as efficient as they used to be. A new furnace might be expensive, but it's a one-off purchase that saves you from paying high utility bills each month. Modern furnaces have energy-efficient designs thanks to energy-saving technologies that manufactures now use. 

3. Your Furnace Frequently Breaks Down

HVAC contractors will agree that a furnace that frequently breaks down is a solid reason for furnace replacement. Most parts of an old furnace are likely holding on to dear life and are prone to frequent breakdowns. 

Replacing the furnace saves you from the frustration you'll suffer every time your HVAC unexpectedly malfunctions. Besides, you are better off spending on a modern furnace than catering to unplanned repairs every time your furnace acts up.

These are the three reasons to consider furnace replacement this fall. Investing in a modern HVAC system lowers your monthly utility bills because they use less energy to keep your indoor environment comfortable. Reach out to a professional who can provide furnace replacement services.