3 Telltale Signs That An Air Conditioning Repair Is Needed

25 May 2021
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An air conditioning repair issue might not present itself suddenly. There are often subtle clues that something is amiss and many homeowners ignore those subtleties until their AC systems break down completely. It is best to err on the side of caution if you suspect a repair issue. This is because procrastination can result in more complex and expensive repairs.

The best option for lowering your risk of needing air conditioning repairs is to ensure that you get routine air conditioning services performed. AC tune-ups involve inspecting systems and making adjustments as needed. They can reduce the chances of AC systems breaking down during peak season. The following points identify a few things you might notice if you need an AC repair.

Weird Noises

A normally functioning AC system should run with minimal noise. Homeowners might hear air flowing through their vents and a low humming sound when their AC systems are on. However, loud sounds such as screeching, clicking, or squealing are a sign that something is amiss. Screeching sounds are often related to loose bearings. Clicking could be a sign of an electrical issue or an obstructed exterior fan. Loose or worn belts can also produce squealing sounds.

Weakened Airflow

Sometimes the force of airflow may gradually decrease. The air compressor is a vital component of an AC that forces air through systems. Damaged air compressors will not produce airflow at an optimal rate. Airflow might also be negatively impacted if an air duct issue develops. If the issue happens in one room, consider whether you have made any recent changes such as rearranging furniture and inadvertently blocked air vents.

Weird Odors

There is not a good reason for AC systems to produce odors. Sour or musty odors can be a sign that portions of your system need to be cleaned. Mold may be present in drainage portions of the system or in the air ducts. Likewise, burnt odors are an issue that should not be dismissed as unimportant. This type of odor could be a sign that there is an electrical wiring issue present. Unfortunately, electrical issues can damage the air conditioning system or cause a house fire.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine whether your AC system needs repairs. They can also determine if your AC is nearing the end of its lifespan. If there are issues such as poor energy efficiency or frequent breakdowns, they can explain the value of upgrading your system. Contact an air conditioning service for more information.