Strange Sounds That Should Alert You To The Urgent Need For Air Conditioning Repairs

19 July 2021
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It is not uncommon for household appliances to emit a degree of noise when they are in operation. Thus, it is not strange that most air conditioning systems will function while producing a distinct sound. Nonetheless, two main things will signal you that the noise your system is emitting should be cause for concern. For starters, the sound you are hearing is new, despite having owned your AC system for a prolonged time.

Secondly, the sound that your system is making is disruptive, which means it is louder than normal. It is worth noting that you are more likely to notice these odd sounds during the summer since your air conditioning system is working harder than it is all year round. So what should you be looking for? Keep reading for a few strange sounds that should alert you to the urgent need for air conditioning repairs.

Burbling sounds

Your air conditioning system should never make gargling sounds, as they almost always signal an unidentified obstruction in the system. When blockages form due to a compromised drain line, your air conditioning system loses its ability to produce cold air to cool your home. Consequently, the AC system will start to work harder than it should and this will weaken the unit and could lead to premature deterioration.

In addition, any clogs in the drain line's system increase the risk of leaks springing in your AC system. Hence, the unit becomes vulnerable to mold, and these spores could infest your entire home. To be safe, any burbling sounds coming from your air conditioning system should have you enlist professional repair services immediately.

Shrill noises

When your air conditioning system starts to produce shrill noises, it could be indicative of too much pressure accumulating in the system. A good number of these systems are outfitted with a sensor that functions to switch off the unit whenever the air pressure gets dangerously high. But if your unit's sensor is jeopardized, it is unable to regulate this internal pressure, so you will start to hear squealing sounds coming from your system.

Whenever this happens, it is vital to turn off the AC system and have professionals come evaluate and repair the problem. It is also worth bearing in mind that piercing noises could also stem from issues such as a damaged compressor or a refrigerant leak, both of which would require the attention of qualified technicians. To learn more, contact an air conditioning service.