What Maintenance Does Your AC System Need?

31 August 2021
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Did you know that you should perform routine maintenance on your central air conditioning system every spring? When you do this each spring, you prepare your system for another hot summer season. By doing this, you have a system that is less likely to stop working when it gets hot outside. You will also have a system that will run more efficiently all summer long. If you want to know how to achieve these goals, you will need to learn the common types of residential cooling maintenance that your system needs each spring.

Change the Air Filter

The first thing your system needs is a new air filter. Your system cools air by pulling air from your home through the system. The system cannot do this efficiently when the air filter is dirty. Air filters naturally get dirty over time, and you must replace them regularly. You should aim to replace yours at least a few times a year, and replacing it in the spring is part of good AC maintenance.

Clean the AC Coils

The AC coils help your system extract heat from the air that it conditions. Over time, the AC coils tend to get dirty, though. As they get dirty, they cannot function as well as they once did. Therefore, you should clean these coils every year before you begin using your AC system.

Clean the Outdoor Part of Your System

Part of your AC system is in your home, but the other part is outside. The outside part also requires maintenance, and the main thing it needs is cleaning. If you clean this yearly, it will operate more efficiently all summer long.

Unclog the Condensation Lines

Your AC system has condensation drains that run from the system to the floor. These lines let the system drain any water that builds up from the cooling process. Unfortunately, these lines tend to clog up over time. If you do not clean them, they cannot release the water from your system. As a result, your system might malfunction from built-up condensation that it cannot release.

While you could complete these steps yourself, it is easier and better to hire an HVAC company to do the work for you. When you hire a company to do the work, tell them that you would like them to perform the maintenance that your AC system needs. They will complete these steps and others as they perform routine spring AC maintenance.