Commonly Encountered Air Conditioning Problems

25 October 2021
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Air conditioning repairs can be needed for a variety of problems that these mechanical systems can experience over the years. Understanding these basic problems can give you the ability to more quickly respond to these problems so that your air conditioning system's performance can be restored while limiting the risk of secondary damages occurring.

Unusually High Humidity In The Home

By design, an air conditioning system will be excellent at removing moisture from the air. One of the first signs that your air conditioning system is starting to experience significant problems can be a sudden rise in the humidity level in your home when the HVAC system is running. In addition to making the interior of your home a much less comfortable area to be, this problem can also contribute to damage to wood surfaces and the formation of mold colonies. These issues may occur from the condensation that the high humidity levels are creating.  

The Air Conditioning System Running Long After The Set Temperature Is Reached

When the interior of your home reaches the set temperature, the air conditioning system should stop actively cooling. Depending on the type of problem that your air conditioning system is experiencing, it could fail to turn off. This could lead to the interior of the home becoming extremely cool, and it can cause the air conditioning system to experience more intense wear. If your system is suffering these problems, you will be able to manually turn the system off when the interior of your home reaches the desired temperature. However, repairs should still be scheduled quickly as this problem may start to impact the ability of the system activating if it worsens.

Repeatedly Freezing

A thick layer of ice forming on the exterior of the air conditioning system can be a problem that will result in the unit rupturing or burning itself out. This can occur due to the ice blocking the airflow to the system, which can lead to serious damages occurring to the fan motor. Often, this will occur when individuals are running their air conditioning system when the temperature is below its designed operating limit. However, if this problem is occurring when the temperature outside is warm, a professional repair technician will need to inspect the unit to determine the problem. As long as this is addressed early, the repairs may be as simple as cleaning the unit to improve heat exchange. It can also remove dust that may be allowing condensation to collect and freeze on it, which can start the process of ice accumulating.

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