Need A New AC Unit But Worried About The Cost? Replace It And Start Saving All Summer Long

20 January 2022
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If you have been holding on to your old air conditioning unit because you don't want to spend the money on a new system, but your electrical bills are getting overwhelmingly high, it's time consider a new unit. Not only is the old unit driving up your electrical bills, but it could also be causing air quality concerns.

Have an HVAC professional come to the house to assess your AC needs and to give you a quote for a new unit. When looking at new models, ask for a system that has the following features.

Highly Efficient with the Energy Star Approval

A highly efficient air conditioner is going to lower your cooling costs throughout the summer and conserve energy. The Energy Star approval indicates that the unit is approved by the government as an efficient appliance and has the most up to date information on the top units. Other ways to lower your cooling costs include:

  • Seal windows and doors to avoid air leaks
  • Use an attic fan to pull heat out of the attic
  • Use programmable thermostat
  • Apply thermal window coverings throughout the house

After purchasing the new air conditioner, it should save you money on your cooling bills in the long term.

Smart Wireless Controlled Thermostat

A thermostat that you can control digitally and set timers on allows you conserve energy. Get a programmable thermostat that works with the furnace you have and the AC unit. You can set the air conditioning to turn on an hour before you return home for the day, or if the temperatures drop you can shut it off, anywhere you are.

This is also ideal for people who travel for days or weeks at a time. The thermostat will alarm you if the house reaches unusual temperatures during the year, which can be necessary to avoid frozen pipes or other complications.

Don't let the price tag on a new air conditioner prevent you from getting the cool home you want and with electrical bills that you can afford. Find an energy-efficient option, and the local heating and cooling company will ensure that it's the right size for the home. This can often cause high heating and cooling bills if the old unit is outdated and not the right size. Get quotes from multiple contractors to have the work done so you can be sure that you are getting a fair price and what you can afford.

Contact a local HVAC service to learn more.