A Few Things To Know About The Refrigerant And Blower Systems In Your Air Conditioning Unit

11 March 2022
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Your air conditioner has two main parts: the refrigeration system and the blower. Other parts in the system are needed to power these parts and help them perform optimally. The refrigerant system cools the air in your home by removing heat and humidity, while the blower moves air through the ducts.

If either one of these systems isn't working properly, your home won't be able to stay as cool as you like. Here are some problems that might keep the blower and refrigerant system from doing their jobs.

The Refrigeration System

Cold refrigerant liquid flows through a copper line that connects the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. The copper line is closed, so it should never leak. Your AC won't operate very well if the refrigerant is low, and it may not cool your home at all if the refrigerant drops below a certain point.

Sometimes, the copper line can develop holes due to corrosion or punctures. When that happens, the line needs to be patched up so the refrigerant can't leak out. Another problem that can develop with the refrigerant is when the coils get so dirty that heat can't pass into and out of the coil as well as it should. The refrigerant line picks up heat while it's in the evaporator coil and releases it from the condenser coil. If the coils get dirty, they need to be scrubbed clean with coil cleaner.

The Blower System

The blower is a cage fan that is in your air handler. It relies on the motor and capacitor to operate. If the motor or capacitor burns out or develops other problems, the blower fan won't be able to operate, or it may operate erratically. Another problem that can happen with the blower system is when the blower fan vibrates loose. The fan has to be secured tightly so the motor can turn it easily.

When an air conditioning maintenance technician services your AC in the spring, they will look for problems with the blower and air handler to make sure the blower is clean and spinning like it should. Besides that, the technician may also check the ducts, since they are part of the air circulation system of your AC.

The blower sends air through the ducts, but if the ducts are damaged, air might be lost to your attic and your home won't cool down. A few parts and the ducts affect how well the blower does its job, so if the blower isn't working, the air conditioning technician may need to troubleshoot and test parts to figure out what's wrong.