4 Signs Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Is Defective And Needs Repair Services

27 April 2022
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The heat exchanger is a critical component that facilitates the smooth operation of your furnace. However, you may dismiss heat exchanger issues as minor faults that you do not need to get fixed until later. However, before your furnace breaks down completely, you need to know the signs that show your heat exchanger is malfunctioning. Read on to learn how to identify signs your heat exchanger is failing.

 1. Yellow Flame 

The flame of a perfectly working furnace should be blue. Therefore, check your furnace flame. If it is yellow and unstable, something is not right. This is one of the indicators your furnace heat exchanger is cracked. Using a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to turn it off and reach out to a furnace repair expert ASAP to address the damage.

2. Strange Sounds

If you have used your furnace for some time, you are probably attuned to its sound when it is running. And it is not hard to tell when it is making strange sounds. If you hear rattling or banging sounds when your furnace is running, there is a good chance your heat exchanger is cracked. The strange sounds usually emanate from the expansion of the existing cracks after heating. Do not delay repair services. The cracks could worsen, necessitating heat exchanger replacement.

3. Awful Smell           

You expect warm, clean, and odorless air circulation after turning on your furnace. If you notice a formaldehyde smell (pickle-like) instead, you could be looking at a cracked heat exchanger. Generally, exposure to formaldehyde odors is known to cause breathing difficulty and eye irritation. And the same cracks behind the odor can be perfect escape points for carbon monoxide gas, which is more tricky to detect because it is odorless and colorless. Enlist the services of a reliable furnace contractor to repair the cracked heat exchanger repaired immediately.

4. Soot on the Furnace

While soot on your furnace is often attributed to tilt gas burners, it could also mean your heat exchanger is failing. Get in touch with a gas repair contractor without delay. They will inspect your furnace and offer the most suitable solution to ensure it is running efficiently.

If you know how important a furnace is for your comfort, you will want to ensure it is always in good condition. Contact a reliable furnace repair expert today if you want to get your damaged heat exchanger repaired. They can answer all your questions about furnace issues and effectively repair your faulty heater exchanger and restore your furnace.