4 Reasons Why Hydro Jetting Is Effective

15 August 2022
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Have you poured drain cleaner and hot water down your clogged drain, but nothing seems to be working? It may be time to consider hydro jetting. It is an effective solution for clogged pipes, odor, and dirt in your drain system. 

Here are reasons to consider hydro jetting. 

1. Multifunctional Cleans and Unclogs

Hydro jetting not only helps with cleaning pipes but also unclogs them. So, if you have clogged pipes that are slow to drain even after snaking, hydro jetting could be the perfect solution for you. Whether the clog results from oil, dirt, soap, or other particles, hydro jetting is strong and effective enough to restore water flow through high pressure.

2. Quite Powerful

None of the available drain cleaning methods matches the power of hydro jetting. It emits highly pressurized water that penetrates the plumbing system with force strong enough to deal with clogs and different types of dirt in the plumbing pipes with minimal damage.

3. Gets Rid of Bacteria

When there are clogs in the drainage or plumbing system, the accumulating moisture and particles encourage mold and bacteria growth. While you can unclog the pipes using other methods, they don't help with getting rid of bacteria. The pressurized water streams in hydro jetting are powerful enough to remove clogs and bacteria growth by using only water.

4. Safe and Affordable

There is a lot hydro jetting can help with, including unclogging and eliminating bacteria. Most people think it costs a fortune to use a hydro jet due to its good results. However, hydro jetting is affordable and eases the cost of maintenance. When done by a professional, you won't need to frequently clean up the drainage system, which helps you save in the long run.

Why You Shouldn't Avoid Hydro Jetting Without the Skills or Experience

After fixing a leaking faucet and adjusting the showerhead, you are confident in your DIY plumbing skills. Your online research for an effective solution for a clogged pipe that won't unclog has recommended hydro jetting. You are now ready to take on your next DIY task. However, you should avoid hydro jetting by yourself if you aren't a certified plumber. 

First, equipment like hydro jets should only be available to professional plumbers as it is a highly effective tool and needs professional supervision. Second, hydro jets expel water with strong pressure, which could be hard to use, especially without experience. Third, the high pressure can damage your pipes if misdirected and could damage your entire plumbing system.

Why get into a DIY project to cause more damage or get subpar results? Get professional plumbing contractors for your hydro jet pipe cleaning needs.

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