Heating Problems: What's Ailing Your Gas Furnace?

9 December 2022
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If you feel cold drafts of air inside your home, you may think you need to insulate your house better. Although insulation plays a big role in keeping your house warm in the winter, so does your gas furnace. Your furnace may actually need several repairs soon. Learn what's ailing your furnace below. 

Is Your Furnace Generating Enough Heat?

Your gas-burning furnace works very hard to keep your home and its inhabitants warm during the cold season and the early spring. If your furnace runs nonstop, it can eventually experience problems that prevent it from generating heat properly. One of the problems that can prevent your furnace from generating heat is a cracked combustion chamber. 

The combustion chamber describes the part of your furnace that turns fuel into heat. As heat exits the combustion chamber and enters the heat exchanger inside the furnace, it leaves behind dangerous gases and fumes. The fumes must remain inside the chamber to keep your home safe during the winter. However, dangerous gases and fumes can escape into your home if the chamber cracks.

A cracked combustion chamber can also prevent your furnace from warming your home. If your furnace can't release the heat inside it, it'll eventually fail. 

If you think a cracked combustion chamber is behind your cold home, contact a furnace repair contractor now. 

Is There a Way to Repair Your Ailing Furnace?

If a contractor smells gas or other fumes in your home, they'll take action immediately to remedy the problem. Gas leaks can cause serious health problems for you and your family. A contractor may need to shut down your gas supply before they proceed further.

After a contractor secures your home, they'll examine your furnace. If a contractor finds cracks in your furnace's combustion chamber and/or heat exchanger, replace your furnace as soon as possible. Your furnace may not operate safely in your home.

If a contractor uncovers another issue with your furnace, such as a loose blower motor assembly, they'll repair it. The blower motor assembly's main function is to move air through the furnace. Long-time usage and age can wear down the bolts that hold the motor in place inside the furnace. If the motor loosens up, it won't move enough air through the furnace to warm your home. The motor should work properly after a contractor retightens the bolts on it.

If you need help warming up your home, contact a furnace repair contractor today.