Does Your AC Unit Blow Out Warm Air? Possible Solutions To Address It

30 January 2023
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A well-maintained AC unit should blow out cool air to create a habitable environment in your home. But, if you notice that the air blown is warm and full of dust, something may have gone a miss. For example, you could be dealing with a clogged unit, or your ducts could be leaking. Whatever the case, contacting an AC repair technician to check your system is the way to go. However, the guide below can help you troubleshoot some problems as you seek a long-term solution. 

Check the Thermostat

Your AC's thermostat is the first stop, even if you think it is perfectly okay. Note that anyone in your home could have adjusted it without your knowledge. So, if you notice warm air through the vents, confirm from the thermostat if your AC fan is on and if it could be circulating warm air into your living space. If the device indicates ''on'', you need to set it back to ''auto'' to allow the AC unit to cool down the indoor air as the fan circulates.

Outdoor Unit Is Off

If you experience warm air from the vents, it's possible that your outdoor unit is not powered on. Essentially, your AC appliance needs a lot of power to run efficiently. However, a power surge can easily trip the outdoor unit power circuit breaker. If this is the case, check the outdoor unit to ensure the power is turned on. If not, switch it back on to cool the air blowing into the vents.

Poor Ventilation

The outdoor unit dissipates a lot of heat as the AC unit runs. Hence, it needs a lot of free space to release the heat into the surroundings and draw cool air into your living space. However, if clogged with dust and dirt particles, the unit will have no choice but to release the warm air back into your living space. Hence, ensure an AC maintenance expert clears the dirt to ventilate the system for proper function. In addition, always go with an expert installation to ensure the outdoor unit has enough space on the top and sides. If possible, it should be installed under a crawlspace or a deck.

Clogged Air Filter 

Dirty air filters prevent the flow of cool air into your living space. This is because your AC unit is forced to work harder to draw sufficient air for cooling and eventually overheats. While most manufacturers provide a time frame for when air filters should be replaced, it's advisable to do it frequently. Note that a busy AC unit attracts a lot of dust particles, and without proper cleaning, your unit is bound to blow warm air.

If you have exhausted some of the reasons your AC unit still blows out warm air, it's good to call an AC repair technician to inspect and inform you of the possible malfunction. More so, they can quickly remedy the issue and restore proper unit function.

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