Ways To Save On The Cost Of Home Heating Oil

19 November 2015
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Home heating oil can be expensive with the cost eating away at your household budget. Although you have no control over the cost of crude oil that can send the price of home heating oil spiraling upward, there are different types of payment programs in which you can participate to help keep your heating bills manageable. Pre-Buy Programs By pre-buying your heating oil before the heating season begins, you pay a set price for the amount of oil that you estimate you will use throughout the winter. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Your Heating And Air Conditioning System

10 September 2015
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Your home's heating and cooling system is a luxury that can end up spiking your utility bills. But choosing the most energy efficient systems during installation, performing proper maintenance, and calling in an HVAC repair person when something goes wrong can all extend the life of your units and lower your bills. Here are a few tips for saving money on your heating and air conditioning systems. Purchase Energy Efficient Systems Read More 

Just Have A New Air Conditioner Installed? Learn How To Maintain The Warranty

21 July 2015
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A benefit of having any new appliance installed in your home is that it will have a warranty on both the parts and the labor. This is especially true of a major appliance that sees a lot of wear and tear during the summer: your air conditioner. A warranty will give you comfort of knowing that if anything starts to break with the compressor within the warranty's time frame that you can have it repaired for free. Read More 

The Sauna Effect: Decreasing Heat Gain To Improve Furnace Efficiency

9 July 2015
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During the summer a constant but silent battle rages in your home. On the one hand, you have the UV rays of the sun infiltrating your home through the windows and heating up the interior surfaces. On the other hand, you have your AC unit which cools the air in your home to repel such invasions. If the temperature in your home increases throughout the day despite the proper operation of your AC unit, the sun is winning. Read More 

Leaking Copper Pipe? How To Repair It

6 March 2015
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Copper has been used for plumbing since 2750 BCE, and examples of Egyptian water conduits are still in good condition today. Even with this durability, copper is a very soft metal and can be twisted and bent easily, making it prone to impact damage. This impact damage can cause leaks, and in the winter, freezing pipes can split and burst. Pipe joins can also develop leaks due to age. Thankfully, copper piping is very easy to repair. Read More