4 Things To Try When Your Air Conditioner Breaks

16 July 2019
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It can be hard to do anything when the weather is too hot. The heat can sap your energy, making it impossible to do anything but sweat. Air conditioning usually solves this terrible problem, which means you may be left at a loss if your air conditioner suddenly breaks. If your AC unit has stopped working, here are four things you can try to fix it. 1. Look at your AC manual. Read More 

The Importance Of Changing Your AC Filter And Repairs Your AC Might Need If You Don’t

27 June 2019
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While your air conditioner's filter may play a role in improving the air quality inside your home, its main job is protecting your HVAC. This is why changing the filter on schedule is so important. If you don't, it's only a matter of time until you'll need some form of AC repair done. Here's a look at the importance of the filter in your air conditioning system and what can happen if you don't change it regularly. Read More 

Keep Your Employees Productive With Commercial Air Conditioning That Works

2 May 2019
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If you run a large office, the comfort of your employees is going to impact your overall profit. When you want to keep your employees productive, you have to be sure that the environment is comfortable and conducive to working. An office that gets too hot and stuffy will make everyone feel tired and ready to go home for the day. If it's too cold in the office, employees are going to be spending the day trying to warm up. Read More 

Your Guide To HVAC Maintenance To End The Winter Season And Prepare For Summer

26 March 2019
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As the winter weather comes to an end, it will be time to do maintenance. Maintaining your heating throughout the year will ensure it works efficiently and is free of problems when the weather gets cold again. There are also a few things that need to be done to prepare for summer weather and cooling your home. Maintenance to Stay Warm During Cold Nights in Early Spring Even though spring is quickly approaching, there is still cold weather and times when you will need your heating system. Read More 

Thy Toilet Runneth Over: Minimizing the Mess While Waiting for Your Plumber

21 February 2019
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Imagine flushing your toilet only to see the water level creep higher and higher. And then it finally happens—your toilet overflows and the end result leaves your bathroom an unsanitary mess. Situations like these warrant an emergency call to your trusted plumber. But as you wait for your plumber to arrive, there's plenty you can do to minimize the mess made by your overflowing toilet. Read on to learn how to handle your plumbing emergency while the professionals are on their way. Read More