How To Boost Airflow In Commercial Buildings

22 August 2018
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In large commercial buildings, the HVAC system is even more dependent on great airflow. That is, you could have brand new and extremely energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump, but it will not be working to its maximum potential if airflow is not fully maximized. This is mainly due to the fact that the air simply needs to travel through a longer length of ducting. Even though large commercial buildings will have many several air conditioner units, the ducting systems often need to be enhanced in one way or another to make the HVAC as efficient as possible. Read More 

Simple AC Tips To Reduce High Electricity Bills

11 July 2018
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If you have been sweltering in the summer heat, then you may have your AC unit on full blast. Unfortunately, the overtime use of your HVAC system can substantially raise your electric bill. However, if your bill is way higher than it should be, then this may be a sign that your system needs a bit of TLC. Keep reading to learn about a few simple things that can help you lower your bill. Read More 

Does Your AC Unit Need To Be Replaced Or Repaired?

15 June 2018
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A central air conditioning unit is a big investment in your home, and it may regularly need repairs or maintenance. However, as your unit gets older, you may wonder when a repair is enough and when a replacement may be best. If your AC unit isn't working as well as it used to, use these three warning signs to determine if you need a repair or total replacement.   Strange Noises/Smells Read More 

The Go-To Guide When Selecting A Residential AC Replacement

20 April 2018
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A critical component of your house that keeps it cool is the AC unit. When it stops working effectively, temperatures can rapidly spike. Instead of sitting in these hot, uncomfortable temperatures, you need to find a suitable AC replacement. Finding one doesn't have to be hard if you study this guide. Energy-Efficiency  Not all units are created equal in terms of their energy-efficiency. Some may have advanced features that save you a lot of money, while others drive up your energy bills to the point where they're not affordable. Read More 

Is It Possible To Power An Air Conditioner With Solar Panels?

16 March 2018
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Cutting down on your expensive power bills in the summertime could be as easy as switching your air conditioning to a solar powered system. But is it even possible? Exploring the options that are currently available can help you choose a way to keep your home cool that fits your desires for solar power generation at home. Here are few ways you can run an air conditioner with solar panels if you're willing to spend the money on the right equipment. Read More