FAQs Of Air Conditioning Installation

12 February 2016
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Installing a new air conditioning system is a good way to save on energy costs. However, if the installation is not properly done, it could end up costing in the long run. If you are considering a new air conditioning system, here is what you need to know before buying. 

Should You Install It Yourself?

Do-it-yourself projects are popular with homeowners for many reasons, including attempting to save money. However, if the installation is not done properly, you could end up spending money on a professional to correct your mistakes. 

Another reason to rely on a professional for the installation is that there are services provided during the process that could be beneficial over the long term. For instance, a professional installer will take the time to measure and size your new system to ensure that it fits in properly with your home. 

This is particularly beneficial because if the air conditioner is too small, the system could be forced to work harder to keep your home cool. As a result, your energy costs could rise. 

You also have the benefit of having a professional who is familiar with your system in the event that you do have problems in the future. He or she can also schedule future maintenance checks to ensure that your system continues to run properly. 

What If You Want to Install It Anyway?

If you do opt to install the air conditioner yourself, there are some common problems to watch out for. For instance, you can avoid buying the wrong size air conditioner by measuring the area needed to cool first. After that, look for a system that fits the area. The ratings label on the system lists how many square feet it can reasonably cool. 

Another problem that can occur when installing your own system is that the ducts could be installed incorrectly. If the ducts are installed incorrectly, air can seep out through cracks and gaps. The result is an increased energy bill and air wasted. 

To avoid this issue, you will need to carefully review your ductwork for old materials and poor workmanship, replacing any materials that are worn. If you are installing new ductwork, you need to ensure that all of the parts are correctly connected. 

If you are unsure whether or not professional installation is right for you, consult with an HVAC company like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating. An installer can help assess the job and provide you with help determining what would be the best method to install the system.