Prepare for the Hot Weather Ahead by Getting Your Home and Air Conditioning System Ready

7 February 2017
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You probably don't think about your air conditioning until you need it. If your system is dormant during the winter months, it's important to have your air conditioning system serviced before the start of the cooling season. While your system may work without maintenance, you are setting yourself up for emergency repairs if you don't take care of your system. When a technician comes to your home, they will change your air filters, ensure your system is running efficiently, and remove any dirt or debris that is discovered within and around your machine. If you want to keep your overall cooling costs down, it's time to call for maintenance before you need to start cooling your home every day.

Routine Maintenance Once a Year

If you only get your system serviced once a year, the most important time is right before you are going to be putting your system to heavy use. This means that before the hot weather starts, it's important to schedule with an HVAC professional to come and get your system ready for the hot weather. You can help by removing any sticks or yard debris that have gathered around your outdoor unit and by moving any furniture that has been placed in front of air vents.

Help Your System Run More Efficiently

To help your cooling system work more efficiently, look around your home for anything that may be obstructing the flow of air throughout the home. If you don't want to keep a room cool, make sure that there aren't any temperature sensors in the room and shut the door when the system is on. If the weather is really hot during the day, shut your window blinds and curtains to help keep out the hot air. Turn your ceiling fans so that they are pulling air up from the room. This will disperse the warm air up to your ceiling and away from you.

When you rely on air conditioning throughout the hot weather, it's important to provide basic maintenance. Change out air filters every other month, and make sure your air ducts aren't leaking cool air. Pay attention to the nights that are cool, and give your system a break by opening up your windows. When you want to control the temperature in your home, it will save you money when you help your system run efficiently. 

If you notice a problem with your air conditioning, it's time to call an HVAC technician to take care of the problem before it becomes worse.