How To Boost Airflow In Commercial Buildings

22 August 2018
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In large commercial buildings, the HVAC system is even more dependent on great airflow. That is, you could have brand new and extremely energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump, but it will not be working to its maximum potential if airflow is not fully maximized. This is mainly due to the fact that the air simply needs to travel through a longer length of ducting. Even though large commercial buildings will have many several air conditioner units, the ducting systems often need to be enhanced in one way or another to make the HVAC as efficient as possible. There are several ways that you can enhance airflow in a large commercial building with the right commercial HVAC supplies.

Booster Registers

Electronic booster registers can be installed in place of normal registers. These fan powered boosters, help to suck air towards the register opening, and pump it out with greater force. Basically, the air coming out of register can travel deeper into a room with a fan booster.

Of course, these cost much more than traditional registers, and they have to use electricity in order to power the fans. Most electronic registers do not turn on automatically when your heater air conditioner are running. Instead, if you are in a room that needs extra airflow, simply turn on the power to the register to activate the fan. These booster registers can be perfect for some buildings. For example, if you have it building were some rooms get plenty of airflow, but others don't get enough, adding a booster to the neglected rooms can help even out the airflow. It is often the registers that are furthest away from the heat pump that need boosters.

Booster Ducts

Another alternative is to install booster ducts. Basically, these are ducting pieces that have fans inside them in order to propel air forward. When installed in the right places, a booster duct can significantly increase airflow to all register points. So, they are a clear option if pretty much all of your air registers need more airflow. That is, instead of having to install a bunch of booster registers, you will just need to add one or two boosters go to your system.

The booster duct can often be installed without having to make any major alterations to your system. This is a great solution for boosting your airflow and making your system more productive. In the end, they should actually decrease your electricity expenses while also making it easier to control the temperature inside your building.`1