Your Guide To HVAC Maintenance To End The Winter Season And Prepare For Summer

26 March 2019
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As the winter weather comes to an end, it will be time to do maintenance. Maintaining your heating throughout the year will ensure it works efficiently and is free of problems when the weather gets cold again. There are also a few things that need to be done to prepare for summer weather and cooling your home.

Maintenance to Stay Warm During Cold Nights in Early Spring

Even though spring is quickly approaching, there is still cold weather and times when you will need your heating system. Therefore, you want to make sure that the thermostat is set, filters are changed and that you complete all the routine maintenance that your heating system will need when the nights get cold and you still need your heating.

Changing the Filters and Cleaning the Furnace After Cold Weather Has Passed 

Once the cold weather has ended and you are not even using the heating at night, final maintenance needs to be done. To start, clean the furnace and make sure that there are not any problems that need to be addressed. After you clean the furnace, go ahead and change the filter and make sure that all the access panels are secure to prevent air leaks from your HVAC system.

Inspecting Ductwork and Heating System for Damage Before Shutting It Down for Summer

Throughout the year, there are different things that can cause damage to the ducts of your HVAC system. It is important to inspect ducts in areas where they are exposed to things like pests and humidity. If you have ductwork in the crawl space or an unfinished basement, check the ducts for signs of wear and damage. You will want to repair these problems before you start using your AC when the summer weather arrives.

Cleaning and Preparing Your AC for Another Hot Summer and Cooling Without Problems

The last thing that you will need to do at the end of the winter weather is to prepare your AC. You will need to start by removing any winterization like AC covers and plugs in the condensation lines. Clean your AC unit and change the air filter before turning it on and inspecting the system for any repairs that need to be done.

With good maintenance, your HVAC system will provide your home with heating and cooling all year without costly problems. Contact a heating repair service for help with maintenance, repairs, or heating installation services that your HVAC needs as the weather starts to change.