4 Signs An AC System Might Need To Be Serviced

5 December 2019
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Dealing with an AC system and its issues can pose several challenges that need to be addressed quickly when they come up. For many owners of systems, though, the simple question is, "How do you know when there's a problem?" Here are four indications you may need to call an AC services contractor for assistance.

Blowing Warm or Too Cold

Your setup should be operating within a set of parameters. If the air is coming out warm, the AC may need to be recharged. Similarly, blowing too cold might be a sign that something is not letting heat out of the building, indicating that it needs to be cleaned and maintained by a professional. These problems can also arise due to things like refrigerant leaks.

Clunking, Squeaking, Squealing, or Groaning

Strained mechanical noises from an AC unit are always a sign of trouble. Problems can build up over time, and that means folks often get used to something like a low whine and don't notice it until someone else points it out. Mechanical problems usually require mechanical solutions, and that means a technician might have to replace the fan, a condenser, or another moving component to make the sound go away.

Dust and Funky Smells

You should replace the filter on a unit every 30 to 90 days depending on what the indications from the filter's manufacturer are. If you have performed this step and you're still getting dust or funny smells, there may be an issue. Metallic and industrial smells typically indicate mechanical problems, even if they're not accompanied by noises.

Organic smells, especially ones of rot, may be signs that something needs to be cleaned. Usually, though, it's just leaves, and you're welcome to try to clean leaves out from the exterior components yourself. Persistent smells after new filters are installed and cleaning has been completed, though, mean that it's probably a worse problem. Depending on the wildlife where you live, it may even be something that decided to die in there, so have the issue addressed ASAP.

Indoor Condensation

While you may think that most of the signs of trouble with an AC system are in the unit itself, condensation can collect inside the room where climate control is being provided. It's possible that the unit just needs to be tuned to dry things out better, but more commonly, the issue is a failure of the condenser, coils, or other dehumidification elements.