The Importance Of Cleaning The Vents On Your HVAC System

18 March 2020
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The air in your home circulates through your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system multiple times every day. Dirt, dust, and other things in the air can get deposited in the vents of your HVAC system, and every time the system comes on, those things are circulated through your home in the air you and your family breathe. Cleaning the vents is the best way to reduce the dust and dirt in your home.

Allergies and Dust

Dust is one of the biggest irritants for people that have allergies because it typically contains dirt and organic matter from the environment around you. The air coming into your home in the summer could have some pollen in it, and that could be a problem for someone that has a pollen allergy. 

Dust does not just contain things from outside the house, though. Pet dander, dead skin, hair, and even droppings from insects in your home can all be in the dust that settles in your vents. The simple solution is to clean the ductwork regularly, but you need the right tools for the job.

HVAC Efficiency

Cleaning the vents in your home is essential because if dust and dirt build-up, restrictions in airflow can occur. The filters in the system will catch a lot of material, but if they are dirty, air cannot pass through them, and the air will try and find a way around the filters. With that air comes dirt, dust, and allergens, but now it is unfiltered, and the HVAC system has to work much harder to force the air out around the dirty filters. 

Cleaning the System

Your home has grates or grilles on the vents in every room, and cleaning those grilles is essential. You may notice dust and dirt on the grilles, and you can use the wand on your vacuum to remove the dust on the surface of them, but you cannot get the dirt behind the grilles. 

Hiring a professional vent cleaning service to come in and clean the HVAC ducts in your home is an excellent way to get all the dust and dirt out of the system. The air conditioner vent cleaning service will have a large vacuum truck, a lot of experience, and an operator that understands the system and how to clean it without damaging the ducts. 

Change all the filters and have your HVAC system cleaned yearly to keep the dust and dirt in the system as low as you can. If you have someone in the house with allergies, you may need to have the system cleaned several times a year and use special filters in the system, but talk to the cleaning company to find out what they recommend in your area. 

To learn more, contact an air conditioner vent cleaning company.