Heating Repairs To Prepare For The Last Cold Blast Of Winter

28 March 2021
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Even as the winter weather seems to be tapering off, you still want to be prepared. Therefore, there may still be heating repairs that need to be done before the weather changes. These end of winter repairs will also help ensure you don't have problems when you turn your system back on next year:

Dealing with Thermostat Problems

After months of keeping your heating going, the thermostat can have problems that need to be addressed. Issues with your thermostat that may need to be repaired as winter comes to an end include:

  • Problems with the calibration of your furnace
  • Bad backup batteries that need to be changed
  • Failing thermostats that just need to be replaced

The issues with thermostats can affect your heating, as well as your air conditioning. Therefore, you will want to have these problems repaired quickly to ensure your HVAC system is working correctly.

Issues with the Furnace Blower Fan

Blower fans are other areas where you may have problems with your heating. These issues can also affect your AC during warmer weather. Therefore, you want to make sure they are addressed before they cause issues with your heating or air conditioning when you need them. Some of the issues with furnace blowers include damaged fan blades or problems with the motor. Sometimes, these issues can also cause your system to make noises when the heating turns on.

Failure of the Thermocouple and Other Furnace Parts

There are also many furnace parts that can fail at the end of the winter months. One common issue is the thermocouple failing, which controls the pilot light and gas to the furnace. If the thermocouple fails, then your furnace will not turn on when the thermostat sends a signal to your heating system. The AC capacitor can also be damaged, which can affect your furnace and cause your heating to not turn on when it is needed. These are issues that you may need to have checked out at the end of summer.

Electrical Issues That Cause Heating Problems

Issues with the electrical wiring of your heating may also need to be addressed. Several problems with electrical wiring can cause heating systems to fail, including:

  • Bad AC capacitors
  • Issues with short circuits and bad circuit boards
  • Problems with power switches, breakers, and blown fuses

The electrical issues can affect both your heating and cooling. Therefore, you will want to have them repaired before you need either system as the weather starts to change.

The heating problems that you have at the end of winter are often due to months of wear. Contact a heating repair service to make sure these issues are taken care of before the weather gets cold again.