4 Indicators Your AC's Thermostat Needs Replacement

25 July 2022
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A well-functioning air conditioner can help maintain the ideal home temperature. However, all its components should be functional for your appliance to work well. The thermostat is one of the main elements of your AC, and it serves as the brain of your unit. This is why you must engage an AC repair technician to replace your device when you realize it's faulty. Here are four warning indicators that your thermostat is broken and needs replacement.

Faulty Temperature Readings

The indoor temperature should be neither too cold nor too hot. However, when the indoor climate readings aren't right, you may need a new device. A broken thermostat will prevent your AC appliance from heating or cooling your living space. Use a thermometer to measure the room temperature and get the help of an AC expert if you suspect that the thermostat is giving false temperature readings. 

Air Conditioner Won't Switch On

The wiring in your system can move or become loose with time. When this happens, the connection between the thermostat and other components of the unit breaks, leaving your living space cold. Additionally, wiring issues can result in inaccurate temperature readings that can then cause unbalanced heating and cooling cycles that don't respond to settings. Therefore, it is imperative to have a certified AC technician examine your unit's wiring connection to identify and fix the issue.

Your AC Appliance Turns On and Off 

You probably have experienced short cycles, especially if you have an old thermostat. A short cycle happens when your heating and cooling system fails to complete an entire heating and cooling phase. This occurs when the system turns itself on and then back off. If this issue keeps repeating itself, it might be time to call an AC repair technician to inspect it. 

Increasing Electricity Bills

If you're like most people, then you want to do everything possible to reduce your home's energy bills. However, a broken AC appliance will do the contrary. You will get increasing electricity bills, and your home thermostat could be the culprit. When your device gives the wrong temperature readings, your AC appliance will overwork and consume more power. That is why it is crucial to have it examined by an AC technician. 

Nothing can be more annoying than a broken thermostat. It can make your living space unpleasantly hot or cold and result in high energy bills. However, similar problems can be caused by other components of your appliance. Therefore, it is crucial to have the unit checked by a licensed AC repair technician.

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